About me

I have found the true meaning in life – my family and my camera:
I am  married and a proud father of 2 beautiful girls.
Photography, in my eyes, is all about love and passion.
Softness versa sharpness – passion to a profession in which I can bring my inner vision and artist touch - Waiting for that one single moment in life that will never repeat it self
My ability to connect to people, my special angle and softness enables me to get deep in to the client's sole, no masks and no acting – Together we bring the perfect photo for whom ever it is standing in front of the camera.
Paying attention to the little details both at the time of shooting the frame as well as when editing the photo, makes viewing my photos a memorable experience in which my sensitivity as a photographer as well as a person comes out.











Zvika Goldstein - photography Tel. 054-4761190